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Why Buy Our Bullets?
Let's talk bullet lead alloy. Most bullet companies use the common bullet mixture of 2% Sn(tin) 6% Sb (antimony) and 92% Pb (lead). The Bullet Works chose to use a different mixture of 2%Sn (tin) 8%Sb(antimony) and 90%Pb (lead) in order to get a special mixture. The Bullet Works has contracted with a lead smelter to make this mixture for the company. In order to get this mixture it has to be purchased in either 10 or 20 thousand pound lots. The big lots allow the bullet alloy to be controlled very closely for the highest quality possible. In all bullet alloys the more tin and antimony in the lead , the better the bullets! Antimony is powdered and does not melt at normal lead melting temperatures, so it needs a medium to allow it to mix or homogenize with the lead. The tin and lead mix very well and the tin allows the antimony to stay homogenized in the molten lead mixture in the bullet mold. The only problem is, Antimony runs over $8 a pound and Tin is $8 a pound as well. Alloying these two expensive metals with lead quickly raises the cost of the bullets therefore most companies choose to use the cheaper alloy. The 2% 8% 90% alloy that the Bullet Works has chosen does cost more and takes more time to cast, but yields a much harder, tougher bullet. This is easier on the barrel and eliminates barrel leading normally associated with lead bullets. The hard tough bullet alloy is better for taking steel targets down because the lead bullet is tough and stays together longer. The Bullet Works is using Magma Bullet Lube which is put in at 120 degrees temperature and with 60 psi air pressure to assure the lube is in the groove when the bullet is loaded. You will find that all bullets sold by The Bullet Works are resized by pushing them through the resizer by the base instead of the nose. This is to keep the base concentric with the sides for the most accurate bullet possible. All Pistol bullets sold by The Bullet Works are bevel base which allows them to be loaded with less chance of shaving the sides of the bullet which robs accuracy. It is the endeavor of The Bullets Works to deliver the very best bullets to the shooter at a very competitive price. If you will notice we only sell in larger quantities trying to keep the price competitive .